Howdy tennis players!

You made it!
You found a place to connect with other folks who also like to hit the fuzzy yellow ball.

How does it work?

Easy. You have two choices:

You can look for players yourself, or we can find them for you. When you find your own matches, it's free to use the site. But if we find matches for you, you pay a fee and that's your pledge that you'll respond to your match suggestions and show up for your matches.

We call the self service plan Free. The paid plan is called Automatic Player Matching service. You don't need to be a pro to join the Automatic Player Matching service. You just need to be committed and responsive.

What do I get with the Free plan?

Send tennis invites
You can invite other tennis players to see who's available to play.

Create a player profile
Your player profile will show up in search results for your city and you'll be listed under your home court.

Select your home courts
You can save your favorite tennis courts and see who else is playing there.

Keep all your messages
No more digging through emails. All your tennis conversations will now be in one place - on your Messages page. Don't worry, we'll still send you an email when you get a new invite or a response.

How does the Automatic Player Matching service work?

The Automatic Player Matching service includes the Free plan. Plus, it sends you match suggestions.

We find matches for you
Let the Automatic Player Matching service find you matches. As many as 20 - 30 per year, depending on your area and skill level.

Report your scores
You can record your match scores and keep track of your match history. See how tennis buddies are doing and catch the latest scores.

Earn points and glory
Get points for playing matches. 1 point for playing and 2 points for winning. Your points will get you ranked on the Leaderboard.

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