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All you need to do is register and create your profile. Once we have your home court location and skill level, we'll start matching you up with similar tennis players near you. When we find you a match, we'll connect you to the other player via email. Register today

Tennis Round - How It Works

3 easy steps

to getting to your first match

Create a profile on Tennis Round

1. Create Your Profile

When you create your player profile you'll select your skill level (from 1.0 to 7.0). This will allow us to match you up with similar players. You'll also select your playing location, so we can find players, who are near you.

Find a tennis court on Tennis Round

2. Pick Your Court

You can select one or several home courts, where you usually play. Your profile will appear under those tennis courts. That way other players, who also play there, can contact you to schedule matches.

Find matches on Tennis Round

3. Get Tennis Matches

If you're a premium member, we'll send you an email every time we find you a match. All you need to do is get in touch with the other player to confirm your match details. At the end of the match, you can report the score to earn points and move up in the rankings.

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