About Tennis Round

Tennis Round, Inc. was founded in April 2009 in San Francisco, CA and launched in August 2010. We're a small team of marketing and technology professionals, driven by a couple of challenges - building a tennis system that's globally scalable and easy to use, and the genuine frustration with having no easy way to find a tennis partner and schedule a match with just a few clicks.

Tennis Round helps tennis players of different skill levels find a tennis partner and schedule a match. It's also a directory of tennis courts nationwide in the USA. Simply drag the map to find nearby courts or search by city or ZIP.

The idea was born in February 2007 in Miami Beach, FL. The company founder, Alex Marinov, had moved from San Francisco to Miami and was looking to play tennis. For $20 he joined a tennis ladder at the Flamingo Tennis Center and was pointed to 15 wall magnets with players’ names and phone numbers. He asked for a printed list of the players so he could call them. But they had run out of printouts, and they did not have a website either. So Alex decided to create one, not just for Miami, but everywhere.

Finding a tennis partner

You can find a tennis partner by creating a free account and sending inviting local players at your level. You can also expect to receive invites from other members. Because players are asked to declare their skill level and home court when they register, we display the most relevant search results sorted by level and distance.

Finding a tennis court

Public tennis courts are located in local parks or community centers. They are generally open to everyone and free to use. Some public tennis facilities may, however, charge a nominal booking fee to reserve a court or to use the courts.

Private courts are mainly located in tennis clubs, country clubs, athletic clubs and golf courses. Some private tennis clubs are open to non-members for drop-in play, but some are not. The club's policy can change. It's a good idea to call them and find out if they allow drop-ins or if have daily passes for non-members.